Northern Ghana, a bright future ahead!

With the widening poverty gap between Northern and Southern Ghana, the urgency in Northern Ghana, to engage in rural development, is now more crucial than ever. The implementation of sustainable irrigation practices with strong links to markets is the best climate resilient way out of poverty for the Ghanaian people in the North. Under the recently endorsed Northern Savannah Development Initiative (2010) by the Government of Ghana (GoG) agricultural modernization and private sector engagement are expected to boost the economy in the North.

Over the next 5 years, Wienco Ghana Ltd. plans to focus on the development of commercial agricultural practices in the – Kulpawn area in the Northern region through the promotion and implementation of innovative water and agricultural land management practices. In partnerships with GoG and other stakeholders (including development partners, private sector, universities and knowledge centers) Wienco Ghana Ltd. will target a total of 45,000 ha of presently under used or abandoned land for developing commercial agricultural practices (including rain – fed, conservation farming and irrigation support).

The combination with the multi- purpose Pwalugu dam and reservoir (Volta River Authorities (VRA), with the support from Worldbank and AfD) for which the full feasibility studies and EIA have recently been initiated (2013) will also be favourable in terms of flood mitigation and the expansion of irrigated agriculture in the region (up to potentially 100.000 ha) in the Sisili–Kulpawn Basin.The agricultural sector in Northern Ghana is poised for growth and Wienco Ghana Ltd. is ready to contribute to this process through the promotion and implementation of innovative water and land management practices in the Sisili–Kulpawn Basin