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The Sisili and Kulpawn Rivers are tributaries of the Volta River with catchments cutting through Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Ghana. The Sisili River springs in Burkina Faso and flows into the Kulpawn River after 300 km. The
Kulpawn River springs in Ghana near the border with Burkina Faso and has a length of 290 km until it meets the Sisili River. From there the Kulpawn River continues for 37 km until it flows into the White Volta River. The total catchment of the Sisili is 12,633 km2. The Kulpawn catchment covers 11,737 km2 until its confluence with the Sisili River. From there the Kulpawn catchment covers an additional 625 km2 until the White Volta River.The annual water discharge volumes in the Kulpawn River (total : 356 Mm3 water at 10th percentiles ) and the Sisili River (total : 173 Mm3 water at 10th percentiles ) does vary considerably over the year. Annually, during the peak flow months (Aug – Oct), large tracks of potential farm land are still flooded as no protective flood mitigation measures are yet in place in the Sisili–Kulpawn Basin.

The project will explore opportunities to expand farming during both the rainy and dry season through a smart combination of flood protection measures water buffering and drainage techniques in combination with efficient irrigation techniques .